Peace of mind for us

What do I hope for? That Mom stays healthy, that she’s safe, that she’s happy.

I wish I lived around the corner from her, but I don’t. So I use Safe at Home Repair & Management to help Mom protect her biggest asset, her house. I receive a quarterly inspection report with photos, customized checklists that reflect our concerns in and around the house, and recommendations when there are any issues regarding maintenance or repairs.

Pro-active care that helps the person I care most about. It’s a relief.

Aging in place

What do I hope for? A way to get that light bulb changed without getting on a ladder.

I am not climbing a ladder. But it’s hard getting someone to help out with the smallest jobs. I want to ensure my home doesn’t start showing its age, that it always looks well-maintained. I work with Safe at Home Repair & Management, because they do everything from installing home modifications that enable me to age in my own home, to making sure those basement staircase light bulbs are always working.

I have less to worry about. No more ladders for me.

Residential management

What do I hope for? That my largest investment doesn’t also use up the few precious hours of free time I get.

Managing the home and the yard is a lot of work. I already work hard all week. I’m happy to have found someone to organize the ongoing maintenance of our home. Safe at Home Repair & Management set up a system using vendors we already trust and services we know we need. Everything is organized and I only have one phone number to call.

More time for fun, less time on upkeep.

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